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Ny hilsen fra Aistis og Galopper i Danmark (foto: Mette Sattrup)

Hello North riders!
Oppdatert: 20/02-2010
Tekst: Red.*

- We will all here soon be frozen in Denmark except for one Norwegian girl in our stables. When I think I can't stand anymore of this weather, it is enough to look at her, how she rides in this cold, icy days like nothing. And I think, ok, put yourself up on Aistis and get ready for another training day.

World Cup rytteren Aistis Vitkauskas kommer her med en hilsen til sine norske feltrittvenner i sin blogg nummer to:

- Last week I had some more intense jumping training. I also lifted up a little bit for him. Brighter too. After a few jumps I got thoughts like that he had forgotten how to jump high during the winter. Legs were quick; reaction was sharp, but higher? No, no, no ... That horse scared me like he does it every winter after some break from hard job. But as always he is quick in realizing that time is money and there is no time to play like three years old, we must get ready for run! So last jumping lesson he was pretty impressive.

I have also started after a break again to ride dressage lessons with teacher Lærke Sund. There are really many good dressage teachers, but not easy to find one who has understanding and knowledge to help and develop tricky and sensitive Eventing horses (and riders perhaps... :) )That I can get from Lærke. She is GP dressage rider and a talent full teacher. So I suppose Galopper in the future has some really hard Tuesdays coming up with the dressage saddle carrying a winter depressed rider and listening to the strict teacher shouting from the middle of arena.

By the way, the last lesson was wonderfully positive, Galopper doing everything according instructions and everybody was very pleased :)

We have our first competition this year at Fontainebleau in France at the end of March. It will be CIC3* and for Monika CIC1*. Hopefully the French guys will be at the right side of the ice age and up to date. It is a nice place to ride. And I am a little bit angry at that place. Last EU in September we had an unlucky fall in the middle of a cross country. Shouldn’t happen... I think Galopper feels the same, wanting to punch back.. It will also be a really good preparation for bigger common projects in the season. The place is flat, the ground is perfect, the atmosphere is French: nice music, food, funny language and like always a lot of cheering up spectators.

Looking forward to a fast approaching spring time, sometimes snow seems to be green colored...

Best regards from Denmark,

:: Les mer om Aistis Vitkauskas her -> - Feltritt er √• l√¶re hesten √• gj√łre jobben selv

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