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Gullmedaljevinnere: Det britiske laget: (F.v.) Libby Seed, Yasmin Ingham, Rose Nesbitt og Charlotte Bacon med lagets Chef d'Eqipe Sarah Hancox, EM ponni, Arezzo, Italia, 28. juli 2013 Foto: Helen Revington/FEI

EM feltritt ponni 2013: Britene best
Oppdatert: 11/09-2013
Red./Pressemelding fra FEI

Britene tok b√•de individuelt gull og laggull da EM feltritt for ponni 2013 gikk av stabelen i Arezzo 25. - 28. juli. Det franske laget tok s√łlvmedalje, mens Irland sikret seg bronsen i lagkonkurransen.

Individuell gullmedalje gikk til Yasmin Ingham p√• ponnien Caig Mor Tom, mens franske ekvipasjer tok individuell s√łlv- og bronsemedalje.

EM feltritt senior 2013 går av stabelen 29. august til 1. september i Malmö, Malmö City Horse Show CH-EU-CCI***, mens EM feltritt for juniorer og unge ryttere finner sted
12. - 15. september i Jardy, Frankrike CH-EU-YJ-CCI**/*.

I dag er tre norske juniorekvipasjer kvalifisert for EM feltritt, henholdsvis Martine Furuseth/Capatis, Nathalie Slettemoen/Carisma og Stine Hoff/Leo M. Juniorrytter Yasmin Sanderson bor i England men rir for Norge og skal pr√łve √• kvalifisere seg i Hartbury International i England i begynnelsen av august. Norge har pr. i dag ingen senior eller ungrytter som er kvalifisert for EM, if√łlge landslagskaptein Johan Lundin.

Individuelt gull, EM feltritt ponni 2013: Yasmin Ingham og Craig Mor Tom under terrengpr√łven. Foto: Helen Revington/FEI

Pressemelding fra FEI:

In bronze medal position going into the final jumping phase of the Eventing Championship, all four British team members went clear to finish on their dressage scores and snatch victory from the French who had to settle for silver, while the defending champions from Ireland rose from fourth place to clinch the bronze.

Yasmin Ingham was crowned Individual champion when, lying third going into the final day, the two riders ahead of her both faltered. The Italian team slipped from the reckoning when two of their riders collected penalties, and eight faults proved particularly costly for Matteo Guidici (Mon Nantano de Florys) who dropped from silver medal position to finish ninth individually for the host nation. It was also a desperately frustrating day for Victor Levecque from France whose stunning dressage and cross-country performances seemed to have set him up for the individual title, only to be denied by a stop and a fence down on the final afternoon. However the strength of the lead he had established in the Dressage arena was underpinned by the fact that he was still able to finish in individual bronze medal spot. Meanwhile a clear with Perle de Boisdelanouse clinched individual silver for his team-mate Marine Bolleret who was hovering just outside the medal zone in fourth as the final phase began.

On cross-country day, all four of the leading nations maintained their Dressage positions. The French had just a 1.70 point advantage over Italy in second place with Great Britain just over four points further adrift being closely stalked by the Irish. The Germans were lying fifth as the day began, but their chances were dashed when Anna Kamieth retired with Mr Harvey after a stop at the third element of the Roller Coaster combination at fence 11 and Julian Wipperman was eliminated for a fall from Chessy at the Steeplechase fence at eight.

The Roller Coaster, which followed the Water Splash at 10, produced some interesting moments as the slope on the landing side of the first element seemed to take some ponies by surprise, and the nearby Hill and Boat water complex also proved influential, with refusals for three different riders at the first element. However it was the brush corner at 20, located in the Boccacci Arena and jumped on a bending line following the previous drop into water, that racked up the most penalties. From the starting field of 49, there were seven cross-country eliminations while a total of 41 completed, and 27 added nothing to their Dressage scores.

Just 1.80 faults separated the top two teams in the final analysis, while the Irish finished six points further adrift. Ingham (Craig Mor Tom), Rose Nesbitt (Carrowmore Gemstone), Libby Seed (Mr Vick) and Charlotte Bacon (Three Wells Breeze) completed with a tally of 142.20 to take gold for Britain, while the French side of Bolleret and Levecque along with Yfke Bourget (Daijpour) and Marie Gagneux (Plume de Virey) posted 144.00 for silver. Ireland¬ís Shannon Nelson (Millridge Buachaill Bui), Lucy Latta (Nono), Donnacha O¬íBrian (Ice Cool Bailey) and Nessa Briody (Rathnaleen Dark Secret) registered 150.90 to push the host nation off the medal podium by a margin of just 2.80 penalty points. The relieved Irish Chef d¬íEquipe, Sue Shortt, said she was glad that her side had not lost out on the medals by such a narrow margin. ¬ďI couldn¬ít have faced going home if we had been beaten by 0.7 percent!¬Ē she pointed out. Ireland¬ís Nelson finished individually fourth.

British Chef d¬íEquipe Sarah Hancox said, ¬ďwe brought a very talented squad of six girls who have bonded into a great team. They all achieved personal bests in dressage and they all finished on their dressage scores¬Ē. French Chef d¬íEquipe, Emmanuel Quittet, held a protective arm around Levecque during the final post-competition press conference. ¬ďI¬ím feeling very sad for him¬Ē Quittet said, ¬ďbut I¬ím happy for the result in the end¬Ē.

Italy¬ís Katherine Lucheschi, a member of the Ground Jury for Eventing, praised the organisation of the entire FEI European Pony Championship fixture at Arezzo, and the flexibility and ingenuity shown by the team who made it all happen. ¬ďWhen we came here on Tuesday we were amazed by the wonderful facilities. They had never held a three-day-event here in Arezzo, but Francesco Finocchiaro and his assistant Gianni Gusci Renzetti have done an amazing job building the cross-country course from scratch, and the whole week has been a wonderful experience and a great success¬Ē.


FEI European Pony Eventing Team Championship: GOLD - Great Britain 142.20: Craig Mor Tom (Yasmin Ingham) 44, Carrowmore Gemstone (Rose Nesbitt) 48.00, Mr Vick (Libby Seed) 49.20, Three Wells Breeze (Charlotte Bacon) 60.80; SILVER - France 144.00: Perle du Boisdelanoue (Marine Bolleret) 45.20, Qualitat des Bourdons (Victor Levecque) 45.70, Djaipour (Yfke Bourget) 53.10, Plume de Virey (Marie Gagneux) 73.00; BRONZE - Ireland 150.90: Millridge Buachaill Bui (Shannon Nelson) 47.30, Nono (Lucy Latta) 47.50, Ice Cool Bailey (Donnacha O’Brian) 56.10, Rathnaleen Dark Secret (Nessa Briody) 77.80.

FEI European Pony Eventing Individual Championship: GOLD - Craig Mor Tom (Yasmin Ingham) GBR 44.00; SILVER - Perle du Boisdelanoue (Marine Bolleret) FRA 45.20; BRONZE - Qualitat des Bourdons (Victor Levecque) FRA 45.70.

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